Strumming Overhaul: Part 1

Strumming. It should be easy right? You grab a pick, move it up and down on the strings and bam, you have an endless supply of ways to play chords. True in theory, but in reality, have you found that you need some fresh ideas to spice up your strumming? Are you in that un-inspiring place of knowing a few patterns that you always go to? Allow me to set your strumming skills on fire! Read on.

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Will Reading Music Make Me a Better Guitarist?

Did you know many guitarists can’t read music? I suspect that if they learned how, they would double their abilities. I know that it’s true for me. I have proven that being able to read music has given me a huge advantage over and over again when learning songs, composing and being asked to play for various events. So, let’s have a think about how music reading could give your playing a huge boost!

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How To Practice When You’re Busy!

What to do when you want to practice guitar but you never quite get there.

Let me guess… you’re busy? You have a job. You might have kids. You might have a long commute to work. You might always have homework. Whatever it is, I bet you have a reason why it’s hard to practice regularly. Well, let’s see if we can sort this issue out so you can move forward.

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