Pentatonic Scales – Part 1

From Pink Floyd to Metallica, John Mayer to AC/DC, Pentatonic scales are the backbone of some of the most iconic guitar solos ever written. I am truly excited to begin a series on this and I invite you to follow along with me.

Pentatonic scales are an integral part of any modern guitarists inventory when it comes to playing lead solos, riffs and improvising. So much music (and rock in particular) really exploits the power of pentatonic scales.

If you want to be a proficient lead guitarist or a decent improviser you really need to master these scales!


The Good and the Bad of Tab and Music Notation

For centuries the battle between the forces of tab and standard music notation have raged on, with many combatants on both sides fighting for their cause.

OK, perhaps a little dramatic. But, for those of you who have played guitar for a little while, you’ve probably come across the age old debate between the benefits of tab and traditional music notation. Or, more likely, you’re someone who has maybe dabbled in reading music, discovered tab and then never looked back and can happily play what ever song you feel like – at least most of the time. Good for you! 

But, have you ever truly thought about the pro’s and con’s of these two systems?


Strumming Overhaul: Part 1

Strumming. It should be easy right? You grab a pick, move it up and down on the strings and bam, you have an endless supply of ways to play chords. True in theory, but in reality, have you found that you need some fresh ideas to spice up your strumming? Are you in that un-inspiring place of knowing a few patterns that you always go to? Allow me to set your strumming skills on fire! Read on.

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Will Reading Music Make Me a Better Guitarist?

Did you know many guitarists can’t read music? I suspect that if they learned how, they would double their abilities. I know that it’s true for me. I have proven that being able to read music has given me a huge advantage over and over again when learning songs, composing and being asked to play for various events. So, let’s have a think about how music reading could give your playing a huge boost!

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