4 Steps to Practicing Like a Pro

Learning guitar is a nice idea. But, you know it will take practice – especially if you want to be good! Here are some quick tips to make sure your practice is a skill building, goal kicking kind of experience.


  1. Be Specific
    What exactly are you trying to get better at, specifically?
    Is it to improve the speed of your chord changes?
    Is it to be able to play exercise 3 from lesson 5 perfectly?
    Knowing exactly what it is you’re going to do when you go practice is vital.
  2. Schedule It
    Now, the chances are that guitar is a hobby for you; something you do in your spare time.Most people fill up their spare time with things like social media, Netflix, and other mind-numbing experiences!

    Don’t get me wrong, these things have their place, but you won’t get better at guitar while you’re doing them!

    At first, practice can seem a little tedious, especially when you’re working on the basics and trying to build skill. But you know that when you move beyond that point it’ll be fun and you’ll be playing like you hoped you would.

    Schedule your practice time so it happens! Then reward yourself with the aforementioned entertainment.

  3. Do It!
    OK, the time has come. The scheduled time for pre-planned practice is here.You know what you want to practice, so grab your guitar, sit down, put your phone on silent and go!

    Remember that you’re doing this to master something. When practicing anything, it works so much better to try things at different speeds:

    • Start slow and easy for the sake of accuracy;
    • build up to a moderate speed so it sounds like it should but it’s still not super difficult; and
    • then play at the required speed

    If you’re nailing it, then play it faster than required. The beauty of this last point is that when you go back to the normal speed it feels easy and effortless. This is effective practice!

  4. Do It Again!
    Not kidding!Playing something once, or even a few times, will not create lasting muscle memory or deep skill.

    Keep practicing those items for several days in the week. This is when it really sticks. And when you progressing onto new things don’t forget to occasionally play through some old material.

    The chances are your sense of progress will be obvious, which is a very nice feeling!

Learning guitar is a fantastic journey, especially when you see weekly progress! Practice is key for that to happen, and the end result? You’ll be awesome!

About the author

I'm really excited to be teaching guitar. Not many people receive the joy that I feel when seeing the progress of each of my students. It's truly a privilege, and I'd love you to join me.  

As I'm sure you know, learning guitar is a long journey, so you must be committed to it. But, if you're willing to put in some hard work for some big rewards, come and join me! 

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