About Zac

Zac Pugh is a Australian based musician and guitar teacher. After picking up the guitar at age 11, Zac has been playing and studying music ever since. His teaching style is relaxed and he has a friendly, positive attitude.

Zac has taught guitar to people from ages 7-70. Some have just wanted to learn some basic chords and strum along to their favourite songs. Others have studied guitar with Zac to excel at college level music and performance subjects, while still others have focused on composition and song writing.​

More recently, Zac has been guiding many of his private students through the SCSM Contemporary Guitar Syllabus, which he created in conjunction with the Saint Cecilia School of Music. Basically, this is learning guitar through pieces which are graded from beginner through to advanced levels - many of these pieces are composed by Zac. This has been a great success, with students across Australia and New Zealand working through this material, some even participating in the SCSM Exams and achieving very high results.

"The great thing about the guitar is you can play so many styles on it. I’ve always loved the flexibility it gives me as a musician."

Zac’s latest project has been working with good friend and Business partner Simon Petrusma to create the Zac Pugh Guitar online teaching platform.The intention was to be able to teach people guitar from the beginning in a really convenient and affordable way.

Zac’s personal musical interests include composing in a variety of styles such as Rock, Blues, Jazz and Pop.

Whenever there’s a moment of spare time Zac loves to lock himself away in his private studio where he can create and explore music making and pushing his skills to new limits.

For Zac, guitar is a journey which will take more than one lifetime to fully discover but, the journey is what makes it fun.