Unlock the Guitar Fretboard

Find any note on the Fretboard using the Chromatic scale

The guitar is a formidable instrument and many people can get a nice sound out of it, no doubt about it. However, when you can see the notes on the fretboard your guitar skills and awareness will sky rocket. If you can’t find notes quickly and you’d like to then I invite you to read on.

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Old School

An appreciation of the works written by a great guitar educator… William G Leavitt (1926 - 1990)

One of the most helpful books in my personal guitar journey was “A Modern Method for Guitar Volume 1” by William Leavitt, often referred to as the “Berklee Book”. This book is over 50 years old, and yet it still sells everywhere because it’s so good. I’d like to pay tribute to this fantastic book, as well as a few others written by this dedicated author. A big thanks to the Berklee Press, who keep books like this in print.

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