How to Boost Your Rhythm Skills

Would you like to get better at reading and executing rhythm in music? In music, rhythm is a big deal!

For many years I really struggled with rhythm, but I still thought it would just come naturally if I played enough guitar.

However, I found that I needed to actually focus on rhythm as a separate thing to practice for a while. Then once I got the hang of it I could incorporate it back into my normal guitar playing.

Here’s an app that I wish was around when I was learning. It’s called Rhythm Tapping. I’d strongly suggest you check this out!

The big idea is that you tap out on the screen of your phone or tablet the rhythm that is displayed. It measures how accurate you are and if you missed anything.

It trains things like:

  • Different time signatures such as 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8 (and many others)
  • Different note durations like Minims, Crotchets, Quavers, Semiquavers and combinations of these
  • In the custom setting you can choose whether or not you want the rhythms to be syncopated (strong focus off the beat)

Plus more parameters to improve your rhythm skills.

You can create custom exercises to work on what you’re not good at, or you can make your way through the preset levels.

Level 1 is super easy and it progresses right up to Level 16, where you need dig deep and become a mighty rhythm master.

It even includes lessons to teach you more about rhythm! As far as a stand alone app goes to make you better at something this is an excellent choice for boosting your sense of rhythm.

I use it often with it my students and I reckon it is a great investment!

Click here to see the app.


NOTE: I do not receive affiliate commission or kick backs of any kind for this recommendation – I just love this app!

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As I'm sure you know, learning guitar is a long journey, so you must be committed to it. But, if you're willing to put in some hard work for some big rewards, come and join me! 

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