Playing Guitar in Public

Performance is where your confidence really hits the road.

Have you been playing guitar for a while? Have you got a few songs or parts of songs up your sleeve? Have you ever experienced the joy of playing guitar for other people? Let’s take a moment to think about this.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I love playing guitar for people. There is something special about seeing someone actually produce music on the spot. Hence the millions of bands touring the world and live videos watched on YouTube.

There is something even more special if you are the person making the music. I get such a great feeling from playing music for people, even if I don’t have their full attention. For example I’ve often played in a Jazz duo situation where it is another guitar player and myself. Most of the time it is while people are eating and drinking and chatting. But every time there is a lull in the conversation their attention turns to us playing out jazzy tunes.

Then there are other times, like when I’m playing in bands where we have the full attention of the audience and they are singing and dancing along, clapping after every song and even sometimes after a guitar solo, which is always lovely for us guitarists.

The point I am trying to make is that performing is great and it’s where guitar playing becomes a really enriching experience, both for you and other people.

I’d like to encourage you to play for people. Even bringing your guitar to the beach with some friends and strumming some chords counts as performing in my opinion. Get out there and share the guitar love around.


Do you play guitar for people? In what situations could you do this? Please comment.

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